Claudio Greco is Professor of Architecture and Architectural Composition at the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata.” He works as an engineer and architect in the studio he founded in Rome in 1981 and in Beijing in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has conducted research and in-depth studies in Italy and China (the latter since 1994) on various topics, concentrating especially on the relationship between form and construction in architecture and between contemporary architecture and historical contexts as well as on the “masters” of the Italian modern architecture movement. His monograph Pier Luigi Nervi, dai primi brevetti al Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Torino, 1917-1948 (Lucerne: Quart Verlag, 2008) has recently been published. His Le case di terra del Fujian (Rome: Meltemi, 2003) deals with traditional Chinese architecture. He has won a number of competitions and has elaborated numerous architecture projects and commissions for public and private clients.


Main research field: Restoration and conservation of urban centres.