International Summer School in Conservation of Historical, Monumental and Archaeological Sites


This Summer School has been conceived as a short-term specialization school, aiming to give an overview on the Cultural Heritage problems. In this field Italy has still, for tradition and quantity of architectural remains, an important role in the international debate. Besides, the location where the School takes place (Rome and surroundings) is rich in monuments and archaeological sites offering very interesting opportunities for historical and technical visits. The course will be divided in theoretical lectures and assisted applications. The School will organize “on site” laboratories using some areas of Rome to get the scholars acquainted with activities and analysis of real restoration and conservation aspects and also practical application of the restoration theories. The collaboration with foreign specialists in the Cultural Heritage field will give the School an international profile, mixing different technologies and strategies of intervention as result from cultural and technological international practices.


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To whom it’s addressed


The Summer School is addressed to graduate and PhD students of the area of civil engineering or architecture involved in the Cultural Heritage field with research or professional purpose. The number of students admitted into the School is limited. Possible variations of this number will be evaluated with respect to the possibility of improving or increasing the teaching resources available. At the end of the School, the scholar who will pass the final test will be awarded a Diploma Certificate in “Conservation of Historical, Monumental and Archaeological sites”.


Course details


The School is of intensive-residential type. This means a cycle of lectures (about 40 hours), assisted learning and training activities (about 40 hours), and preparation of a final project (45 hours), for a total of about 125 hours. The lectures and activities will be organized in a continuous way during 15 days, including in this period common activities like visits in restoration/archaeological sites, laboratories, museums, monuments, even during the weekend. Both tutors and professors will directly assist the students in laboratory, analysis, restoration and archaeological site experience.

The official language of the school is English. All lectures, the tutorial activities and the didactic material will be given in English.

Where a lecture cannot be made in English, a simultaneous translation will be provided, with handouts in the English language. The students’ progress will be assessed through a final test and if necessary through some intermediate evaluation tests. The final assessment is individual and is based on the intermediate and final test results. The certificate of attendance in the School will be issued only to the students who have attended more than 4/5 of the total course. The students who will pass the final test will receive the qualification (Certificate) and the academic credits for this experience (5 ECTS).




The lectures will take place at the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and in other places in Rome in order to promote the residential character of the School.

The School‘s Secretariats will support the course and the students for all period of the Summer School.