Nicoletta Marconi is Researcher of Architecture History at the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Architecture First Class Degree cum laude at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, thesis on Architectural Restoration; Ph.D. in Building Engineering “Architecture and Construction”, University of Rome Tor Vergata . Researcher in History of Architecture at Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata by January 2004. From 2007 is Aggregate Professor of History of Architecture. Teach History of Architecture and Architectural Restoration. The activity research focused on Roman building yard in the modern age, and in particular on building techniques, scaffolding and technologies used in pre-industrial era. Results of these studies are exposed in National and International Congresses and published in a lot of papers, national and international magazines and books, as well as in a monograph (N. Marconi, "Edificando Roma barocca. Macchine, apparati, maestranze e cantieri tra XVI e XVIII secolo", Città di Castello 2004). The complete list of publications is available on the web site of the Department of Civil Engineering of University of Rome Tor Vergata ( Actually she engaged in the critical edition of the compendium "Castelli e Ponti di Mastro Nicola Zabaglia (1743/1824) Tecnologie per il restauro della Basilica Vaticana".


Main research field: Architecture History, Construction technique History.