Marina Mengali was born in Buenos Aires in 1968. She works in the field of architectonical restoration of ancient monuments, as independent professional architect, mostly on behalf of municipal administrations, since 1999. She took part in several national meetings and wrote articles about restoration and historical studies of ancient buildings, mostly medieval fortifications, and building techniques.

She obtained a degree in Architecture at «La Sapienza» University of Rome with a thesis about Restoration of Architectonical Monuments (1996), she specialized at the Monuments Restoration Specialization School (2001) and obtained a Doctorate in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at «La Sapienza» University of Rome (2004). The same University charged her to develop a research work aboutBuilding techniques and construction yards of the ecclesiastical monuments, between XI and XIV centuries in Central Italy” (2009-2010).

She collaborates to the course of Restoration of Monuments, Faculty of Architecture, «La Sapienza» University of Rome, professor G. Carbonara, from 2003.


Main research field: history, building and defensive techniques of medieval fortifications of central Italy and south France. Researches about medieval engineering focusing applications to the construction yard activities and medieval siege techniques.